Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic

Isometric: It is a form of representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. It is the easiest way of drawing 3-D. It is a form of graphical projection.

Oblique: It is a type of parallel projection. It is easer to master but the crudest form of drawing in 3-D. It uses forced depth to make a two-dimentional object look like a three-dimensional object.

Orthographic: It is also a form of parallel projection but the view direction is orthogonal(perpendicular) to the projection plane. It is a way of drawing physical object with details and is mostly used in designing houses.

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isometric_projection

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In general, environment refers to the surroundings of an object. -from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enviroment (The environment is our surroundings.)

The environment is our life support system. It includes everything that we rely on during our lifetime such as air, water, metals, soil, rock and other living organisms. It is important to remember that the state of our environment is influenced by our behavior and that we have the opportunity to either nurture or mistreat it. -from dictionary.com http://www.sustainable-environment.org.uk/Environment/environment.php (The environment is our life support which we rely on. It is influenced by us and we can either nurture it or mistreat it.)

The Environment is our surroundings and a place we live in and rely on for our life support. The environment may influence us or we may influence it. It can be nurtured and expanded or mistreated and destroyed.

Lesson 1-Introduction to ADMT(personal reflection)

1. ADMT means creating and bring art to life using your imagination with the help of technology.

2. An ADMT student should be interested in art and is willing to learn new techniques in the field of art. He or she should also be passionate about art.

3.As an ADMT student i wish to be able to be able to improve myself in the field of art and be able to create astounding works of art.

4. To achieve my aspiration i need to learn more about digital art and need to smoothen the skills i already have.

5. Artless World- It is simply a world without art where you will just fade into the background.