Sunday, February 14, 2010

It was ADMT time and we all rushed out to the canteen in hopes of capturing good photos of people.This is a picture of me(the one smiling if you can't tell) and Eugene my friend(the one that looks serious but in the same time cool).We took the Picture together and Imran got caught in the back.Check out his phone it's an iPhone which is totally cool now. I wonder whats next uPhone maybe.

Here is our great and honorable Class Chairman Christian. He was walking around and trying to find people that he can take pictures of. He took a snap shot of me and me him, we took each other's photos using our mac and if you look closely to his screen you can see me. It too dark though. I wonder how my picture turned out.

Here is our Vice Chairman Kristin on the prowl to find anyone to take a quick snapshot of with her camera phone. She was trying to get pictures that she could tell stories about and here she was rushing to take photos and she allowed me to take this one in exchange for a photo of me so this is legal if you were thinking i took it quickly without permission. You can see Christian in the background and Ren Chang appearing into the picture.

Here is Ren Chang posing for my photo. Don't he just look cool like a model who is making a million dollars a day. Ok, just joking, after taking a picture set of our chairman and vice chairman i took a photo of Ren Chang and he me. It was fun taking photos at the same time which was Ren Chang's idea to speed things up.

This is a picture i just got to take. Zach is here posing for me in a way which pretty much look like he is praying and he is looking directly at the computer's camera which i am holding so he looks like he is praying to you but actually he is just posing. Look at him he is totally into getting his pictures taken. He like everyone else is having fun taking pictures and getting pictures of themselves taken.

The whole photo taking session was fun although taking pictures with the mac was very difficult and i would like to take pictures with a camera instead.


  1. The last picture is probably the best as there is perspective . The pillars also gives it a depth. The lightning is great and there is no distractions, thus the viewer of this picture only focus on one person (Zach). The background is taken wonderfully ,the main lead's face is in the golden section rule. Nice.

  2. All pictures were very well taken as the main person of each picture is clearly there, and the lightings are good.

  3. all the pictures were very clear.i could see the pillars which give the picture a depth and looks more real-like.the lighting is great but you could see the outside very blur(very bright and u cant see the field).i suggest that he take a picture where it is not near to the sun.or a darker place but bright enough to take a clear picture